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Only existing customers can check the prices, stocks, etc of our >10,000 references inventory. Hence, new clients must perform a purchase first in order to receive their access code. Once you have it, you can login here.

New customers are required to pay cash in advance for their first purchase. For subsequent purchases, better payment terms are offered.

Our company name Ralco is an abbreviation from the spanish: “Repuestos Alternativos para Compresores”, ie. “Aftermarket Spare Parts for Compressors” in English.

Certainly we do! When Ralco was founded in 2004, we catered mostly to the internal market in Spain. However, due to the recent introduction €uro and being part of the EU as a whole, we envisioned that Europe would be our main market in the midterm. In 2008, about 25% of our revenue came from European countries (excluding Spain), and by 2023 it has grown to more than 40%. A quarter of our revenue currently comes from non-European countries, with the remaining ~28% coming from our local market in Spain.

Only existing customers can see our gross prices in the Client Area. For new clients, you can send us a quotation request after selecting the spare parts of interest here.

No, as a Business-to-Business (B2B) company, our preferred payment method are direct bank transfers. For countries where international bank transfers are problematic, please contact us for advice.

The payment of online orders is the same than for any other type of order, which shall have been discussed earlier by our accounting department. If in doubt, simply contact us.

Our preferred payment method is by electronic bank transfer.

No, they are not.

No, delivery is paid by the customer using the transportation company of their choice. However, we can also arrange delivery with one of our trusted transportation companies we work with, such as Mail Boxes Etc., and include the costs in the invoice.

The selection of the transportation company is up to the customer choice (DHL, FedEx, etc), however we have special rates with some we work extensively with, such as Mail Boxes Etc. If you need us to arrange the delivery, please let us know.

All the different shipment addresses that you have provided us in the past can be selected for each individual online order in the checkout page, or it can be selected as the default delivery address in the settings page. New delivery addresses can be added directly in the checkout page (check the button “Add new”). As we process your order, the new address will be subsequently available online for future uses.

Certainly, please notify it in your order. If all the material requested is in stock, most orders are prepared and sent on the same day if received before 3pm.

We currently have customers in more than 60 countries world wide, so it should not be a problem. For more information, check the section about us.

By default, our offers are under EXW Barcelona basis. If you need us to ship by our transport, please let us know and we will add the freight cost to the offer.

It depends on the required spare part. Since most of the smaller parts such as pistons, connecting rods, valve plates and so on, are usually in stock, they can be shipped 24-48 hours after the order is placed. Bigger parts such as crankshafts may take up to 3-6 weeks to get, and if the material must be produced, it depends on the lead time from the factory.

Our aftermarket spare parts are manufactured by a large and selective network of international suppliers, each of which often specialized in producing on type of part. As such, they have extensive experience manufacturing either be pistons, cylinder liners or gaskets, for example. Aftermarket spare parts are built to the same specifications than OEM, although you may find some aesthetic differences not relevant to its performance.

Yes, we can issue any kind of document, or make any statement in the invoice as per customer’s requirement. In any case, please consider that some official documents, such as origin certificate attested by the Chamber of Commerce, have a cost which would be charged in the invoice.

Yes, indeed, You can find them in the catalogues section.

For the bast majority of compressor models, you can purchase only what you need – even if it is only one piston ring!

Certainly, we can provide the whole set / kit or any combination of the needed parts – we assembly the sets ourselves. You can find the available sets / kits for the different compressors in the spare parts page.

Non-clients, using the open section spare parts, cannot search, they can only browse based on the compressor brand and the spare part type. In the Client Area, our customers can search by our Ralco part number, by the article description, or using the OEM reference.

With more than 10,000 references, it is simply impossible. However, due to our large warehouse, we can satisfy most common orders on the same day they are placed. For large quantities and for rare items, we will contact you to discuss a solution / delivery time.

Even if one part is not included in our catalogue, please do not hesitate to contact us with whatever inquiry you may have. As long as it is a spare part for the compressor brands we dealt with, we will try to offer you a solution as soon as possible.

As the foundational motto of Ralco Europa, we strive to provide repair shops, and thus end users, with alternative solutions to those provided by the original manufacturers. Some OEM manufacturers provide good service and prices, whereas others see spare parts as easy money. Too often these days, OEM manufacturers simply encourage users to replace old compressors with new ones, instead of repairing them, helping the decline of the repair ecosystem in their benefit. At Ralco, our purpose is to help repair workshops to be competitive.

You should contact us, for example by email at

You should contact us, for example by email at

Online orders are documents created by customers using our online shop. Once our team processes your order, we will inform you if all the material is in stock and thus if it is ready to send, and if it is not, when is the expected delivery date. Thus, the original Online order may be modified as needed. The other documents available in the Client Area: Quotations, Shipping Orders and Invoices, have been created by Ralco staff, either from one Online order, or by other means of communication, e.g. email, phone, (fax), etc. Such documents shall provide information on the availability of the material.

Unfortunately they are not. With thousands of references in our storage, it is not uncommon to have discrepancies between our electronic records and the physical warehouse. For this reason, we can only provide some rough estimate of the stock in our online shop.

It could be a problem with the information stored in the open session or in the cookie stored in your browser. We suggest you to delete them both by loging out. As you log in again with the client number and password, select your user, and use the activation code that you should receive in your selected email. If the problem persists, please contact us at

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